The best way to get started is to come and watch one of our events and chat to our committee & club members.  Then to enter an event the 3 steps are;

1.  Become a club member.  Print and sign the Membership Application Form, pay your annual fee of $60 for a full calendar year or $30 for a half year if joining mid year.

2.  Get your RACERS licence, (RACERS is the organisation that provides event accreditation, overseeing track design & safety and provides liability & public indemnity insurance for our club). This allows you to run at our events.  $20 for a single event licence or $65 for an annual licence. (Go to

3.  Enter an event by checking out the dates and event type on the Events Page​ on this website and then entering via the RACERS website at  Per event entry is $110 for members or $130 for non-members. Read the regulations and make sure you arrive early for vehicle scrutineering and drivers briefing.

On Event Day:


  • Show up early to get your paperwork checked.  Event entry supplementary regulations shows times

  • Make sure you bring an approved helmet, cotton long sleeves/pants and closed in shoes. (See Sup Regs for exact info per event - on entry form.)

  • Make sure you have a 1kg Fire Extinguisher installed (bolted through) in your cabin that isn't out of date. $30 from Autopro.

  • If you have any problems whatsoever we are here to help so please email or message the club on Facebook!

Vehicle Classes:

  • 0-1900 cc

  • 1901cc to 3000 cc

  • greater than 3000cc

  • AWD

Additional Notes:

  • Turbo, Supercharged & Rotary vehicles have their engine capacity multiplied x 1.7 to be allocated a class

  • For Gymkhanas, all run times are added together, plus any penalties, to give you a score for the day

  • For Sprint events, your fastest run of the day is your score

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